There comes a phase when you are totally at the mercy of your heart. When there is an unswerving clash between the head and the heart. While the former undoubtedly helps you make good choices, the latter makes you end up in an immense deal of trouble. Life is surely a series of serendipitous events that have a knack of beguiling me. Being raised in a defense family always had its own share of pros and cons. And this time as luck would favor it, pros outweighed the cons.

My parents had a very active social life, typical of a defence colony and this is how I met Renu. Her parents were good friends of my parents and we moved in the same friend circle. She had a very calming effect over me. Slowly, our meetings became frequent. I finally found the arcane connection I felt on the day I had first met her. It struck me that I was unconditionally and irrevocably be keen on her. Renu had managed to make me fall head over heels in love with her. Sounds too cliché. When your love is reciprocated with equal fervor, nothing comes near that feeling.

Love marriages were a big matter then. It was more like conquering Mount Everest those days. Out of the blue, we decided to inform our parents as our secret meetings became increasingly annoying. After much coaxing, they agreed for our union. We got married and that was the happiest phase of my life.

Renu was and she continues to be the pillar of my multitudinous robustness. She has proved to be an excellent wife and a doting mother. Over all these years, never have I seen her flinching or whining because my hospital commitment topped my priorities.

She possesses an intuitive command over financial matters. All the administrative and the financial matters of the hospital

are under her expert supervision. Her knack for doing things in the most proficient manner never ceases to amaze me.

I see a lot of her in my children as well. I have been a rather impatient person through a major part of my life, however, my children are well balanced in their insight and outlook. They have learned it from their mother to practice caution while forming opinions, to know the importance of being analytical and to spread love, no matter what. I feel blessed in being a part of such a heart-warming family that loves to treat each other with abundance of mutual respect and warmth.