Although I prayed to God every day but I was never very religiously oriented. I belong to the Aryasamaj faith and my family used to conduct havan every day. But I never took part in them, instead for me the mantra was ‘Work is Worship’.

The nightmare from which I had just emerged reinstated my faith in God. I was utterly grief-stricken as I was maliciously implicated in the unfortunate incident. The sudden twist of my fortune was beyond the scope of my comprehension and I had nothing left to look forward to. Such incidents makes you stronger and help you reinforce your faith in the supreme spiritual power. I prayed to Lord Krishna at Vrindavan with folded hands, closed eyes and a turbulent mind. The place was all abuzz with hundreds of devotees; some were dancing in ecstasy, some were chanting and some were simply observing the organized conundrum around them. I sat down in a corner. I had no one to turn to and that’s why I had turned to Lord Krishna and here I was, sitting amidst the sea of gloom yet was not able to evoke a single response from Him. It was then that my sight shifted towards a paraplegic boy, who was sitting on the earthen ground, praying to Lord Krishna with a luminous face and a tender smile. In those precious moments I forgot my pain and the only thing my mind could focus on was the sight of that crippled boy who looked far happier than most people. Something clicked. It was the time when I
experienced the power of divine connection. I immediately got up and went to sit near Lord Krishna’s idol. I closed my eyes and let my mind free. I had never meditated for so long in my whole life, and when I opened my eyes I felt very light, as if a lot of burden had shed off. It made me realise that our subconscious mind is the conduit to our divine path to the freedom of soul. It can make us free of all pain and can provide precise answers to all our problems. There is an abyssal source of power and astronomical intelligence within us. The moment you learn how to use your subconscious mind, you experience divine bliss.

Lord Krishna, at that moment, was my source of infinitesimal inspiration. The reverberating sounds of blissful chants, the colourful atmosphere filled with flowers and fruits, the ethereal aroma of incense sticks, all worked majestically to fill the hiatus in my heart and I felt as if the closed doors of profound power sources have been opened inside me. My sorrows vanished and I joined a small troop of foreigners in chanting ‘Harey Krishna’; it gave me tremendous energy and selfcontentment. Since that day onwards, every Sunday without fail I go to Vrindavan to pay my homage to Lord Krishna.

The darker days of our lives help us shedding away the myopic view of the world. One must be having a visionary stance on the finer nuances of life, so close to us yet so esoteric. I saw a new world when I was passing through the roughest patch of my life. I came out stronger because my family and my close-knit friends, provided me with rock solid support. Such is the power of faith and belief, when you start experiencing it, you start seeing the world from an entirely different perspective.

I have learnt some of the best lessons of my life in the courtyard of Lord Krishna’s temple in Vrindavan. I have experienced the profound power of being at the centre of celestial orbits when sitting solitarily in front of Lord Krishna’s idol, enjoying the nothingness of inner self. I don’t think we are born just to earn, eat, make merry, shed tears, sleep and then die one fine morning. It’s a journey to refine one’s soul and to escalate it to higher a spiritual plane.