General Surgery

Khetarpal Hospital provides round the clock surgical emergency services & OPD services under the aegsis of Dr. Anil Khetarpal himself. It is well equipped with high definition laparoscopic instruments and provides a wide variety of open and laparoscopic procedures for abdominal surgeries related to gallbladder, appendix, spleen and intestines etc, […]

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Khetarpal Hospital is equipped with the latest in foetal monitors to check the progress of labour and provides facility of painless delivery and caesarean section.The department also offers Laparoscopic surgery for removal of tumors and cysts through key-hole incisions including high-end surgical solutions for management of uterine related disorders and […]


I was born in Command Hospital at the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune on 2nd October 1954. It is a special day as it coincides with the birthday of the great Mahatama Gandhiji, the torch bearer of the Indian Freedom Movement. My mother, in later years, used to tell me [...]


My formal education started quite late. I started school at the age of 6 years. Although my schooling started late, I didn't really suffer much as my mother used to teach me at home. By the time I stepped in class I, I was familiar with every bit of academic [...]


There is an interesting story behind my admission to medical college. Those were the days when I was excelling in sports and got to play state level as well. Selection for national level basketball team were round the corner and my classmates, Ashok Gupta, Captain of Rajasthan team, and Dinesh [...]


There comes a phase when you are totally at the mercy of your heart. When there is an unswerving clash between the head and the heart. While the former undoubtedly helps you make good choices, the latter makes you end up in an immense deal of trouble. Life is surely [...]


I formally inaugurated 'Khetarpal Hospital' on 3rd March 1992 amidst a congregation of family and close friends. On the opening day of my hospital, I performed 7 surgeries which is a feat in itself. I had to start from the scratch. My brother Dr. Vinod khetarpal extended a very generous [...]


It was a few years down the line I first heard about the surgical treatment for obesity. Obese patients would come up to me and would ask me to help them shed weight. These were the people who had virtually tried all possible weight loss measures e.g. getting religiously enrolled [...]
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